95 and 6 to Go

95 and 6 to Go


After the death of her grandmother, Japanese-American filmmaker Kimi TAKESUE visited her grandfather in Hawaii regularly to learn more about the history of her ancestors. She recorded vernacular details as well as conversations about the screenplay she was writing at the time. Thus, personal memories and fictional plots intertwine to become a touching meditation on identity, transience, and loss.

Director’s Bio
Kimi TAKESUE, born in Denver in 1968, grew up in Hawaii and Massachusetts. She studied at Oberlin College and Temple University. Working in the fields of experimental, documentary, and fictional film since the 1990s, she has received many prestigious grants and fellowships as well as numerous awards from film festivals and museums. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at Rutgers University.

2010 Where Are You Taking Me?

  • Supporting film: TO FIND THE DAY OF THE 21ST
  • by Kieko IKEHATA, Japan 2017, 13 min, Japanese with English subtitles

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