A.r.G.da.Na.ni Ton-Bild-Performance

A.r.G.da.Na.ni Ton-Bild-Performance
  • Performance by Jan van Hasselt
  • Wednesday, May 24, 21:00 Mousonturm Studio 1
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour
  • Performance in German

A kind of dinosaur with spikes on his back, destroying a scenery of miniature houses and uttering a scream reminiscent of a broken gramophone. He must not be shown nor even named, as the production company is quite meticulous in its protection of the trademark. But what makes A.r.G.da.Na.ni (‘real name must not be used for legal reasons’) so fascinating? In his multimedia performance, filmmaker Jan van Hasselt searches for answers. Supporting him in his quest are musician Christoph Ogiermann and, via video interview, experts like Jörg Buttgereit, Sebastian Krehl, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Jürgen Palmtag, and Christoph Spehr.


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