Boys For Sale

Boys For Sale
  • Wednesday, May 24, 22:00 Naxoshalle Kino
  • 売買ボーイズ
    Bai-Bai Boys
  • Japan 2017, Blu-ray, 76 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Itako
  • Production & world sales: Ian Thomas Ash
  • Camera: Adrian Storey
  • Animation: Jeremy YAMAMURA
  • Illustrator: N Tani Studio
  • Music: Kazaguruma
  • World premiere in the presence of the protagonist Co and of the producer Ian Thomas Ash
  • Competition Nippon Visions Jury Award and Nippon Visions Audience Award

The Shinjuku 2-chome neighborhood is considered to be “the gay center of Asia“. Here you can find the highest density of establishments catering to homosexual customers in the world, a place where many young boys sell their bodies. Each of them has his own story. This relentlessly honest documentary will give you an unadorned glimpse into the daily lives of these male workers in the Japanese sex trade.

Director’s Bio
Itako was born in 1990. This is his first film.

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