Come On Home to Sato

Come On Home to Sato
    • Friday, May 26, 17:00 Naxoshalle Kino
    • さとにきたらええやん
      Sato ni kitara eeyan
    • Japan 2015, Blu-ray, 100 min, Japanese with English subtitles
    • Director & camera: Yoshiki SHIGEE
    • Music: SHINGO☆Nishinari
    • Production & world sales: Nondelaico
    • International premiere in the presence of the director

In Nishinari, a district of Osaka, life tends to be dominated by poverty, unemployment, or even homelessness. “Kodomo no sato” is a safe haven that offers support for children of various ages and backgrounds. Yoshiki SHIGEE has accompanied the social workers, parents, and children with his camera for almost three years, painting a touching portrait of people who do not give up hope.

Director’s Bio
Yoshiki SHIGEE was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1984 and studied at Osaka College of Visual Arts. After his graduation he worked for a video production company. In 2008 he was a volunteer at the “Children's Village” in Nishinari. There he started shooting his directing debut COME ON HOME TO SATO in 2013.

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